Skout's Honor Natural Litter Box Deodorizer



Cats really know how to stink up a litter box! We've got you covered with our Litter Box Deodorizer spray that eliminates cat urine and feces odor in between litter cleanings. Spray on used litter and into the surrounding air to freshen up your living space and reduce litter box odor.


Deionized water, biodegradeable molecular complex (mineral-based deodorizer), plant-based fragrance

Use on litter, cat beds and any other area where offensive feline odors exist.

Removes: Used litter box odor.

Safe Surfaces: Can also be used on or around any surface with a stink! Pet beds, trash cans, cars, smelly bathrooms & more!

Not Recommended For: Natural surfaces such as wool, leather and unsealed wood.