Tropiclean Mint Dental Wipes for Dogs


TropiClean Fresh Breath Dental Wipes provide a safe, easy way to help remove plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth. Made with soft, durable fibers, wipes are designed to withstand tearing during use, while providing a gentle clean. The surface of each wipe is textured to simulate brushing. Simply wrap the wipe around your fingertip and scrub both sides of your pet’s mouth for clean teeth and a healthy mouth!

  • Textured to Clean – Wipes are specially designed with a quilted texture to help remove plaque and tartar during use.
  • Soft & Durable – Made with strong fibers that resist tearing during use.
  • Gentle Clean – Wipes provide a great alternative for pet's who fear the toothbrush. Soft material also provides a gentle clean for pet's with sensitive gums.
  • Naturally Derived Ingredients – Contains ingredients that are made from either naturally occurring raw materials or are adapted from naturally occurring plant- or mineral-based raw materials.
  • More than just fresh breath – Establishing a daily oral care routine not only freshens breath, it helps protect pets against the harmful effects of periodontal disease.


With clean hands, remove one wipe and wrap around your index finger with the textured side facing outward. Use your other hand to lift your dog's lip and expose their teeth. Gently wipe over the teeth in a circular motion. Dispose after use.