Earth Animal Chews

There’s no hiding it!

No-Hides® are carefully blended with 7 pure & simple ingredients, hand-rolled, baked, coated, air-dried and packed with love in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Oh So Satisfying

Long-lasting chewing helps prevent the Big B (Boredom!). That's why these chews offer a joyously satisfying experience for your four-legged friends. Millions of dogs & cats agree!

Healthy & Happy

A healthy pet is a happy pet. Trust us, our No-Hide® Chews are free of any animal hide, formaldehydes, bleaches, or chemicals. No hormones or steroids. Ever. We promise. That's why these are the best dog treats on the planet!

Easily Digestible

No-Hide® Chews for dogs and cats are made with only natural, nutritious ingredients that are easily digestible. No-Hide® averaged 80% digestibility after 8 hours compared to 18% digestibility for rawhide. We love that.

Herb RoastedChicken Tenders

Sustainably Sourced. Simply Delicious

We offer 5 varieties of savory chicken Tenders: PERFECTLY PLAIN for animals with sensitive stomachs, FLEX for joint support, FRESH for fresh breath, MELLOW for soothing, and SHINE for healthy skin & coat.


For long runs with young pups, short walks with old souls, and general joint comfort in between. Alfalfa nourishes the skeletal system and turmeric acts as an anti-inflammatory improved flexibility and joint comfort.


It's not just a name, it’s our promise to you. To delight their palate (and your nose!), we added parsley and mint. These herbs naturally improve that doggy breathe we all love and after a few of these you won’t have to turn down those puppy kisses any longer!


For the anxious, nervous, weary, or stressed – comforting relief has never been this delicious. Chamomile and lavender are tasty, aromatic herbs that are known to encourage a calming sensation. A tasty treat and a more relaxed, stress-free dog?  Sign me up!


For a beautiful skin and coat sure to make the other dogs on the block jealous of that silky sheen. Licorice and dandelion may sound strange at first, but they are both anti-inflammatories that help calm irritated skin, who new?  

Perfectly Plain Tenders

Perfectly roasted without the fuss, what more could you want?  These Tenders are PERFECTLY PLAIN and mouth-wateringly delicious.  The only problem?  You’ll need a towel to clean up all that drool!

Chicken Tenders

For dogs with sensitive stomachs or picky palates – no chance they turn their noses up at these.

Lean and Clean

100% whole chicken breast. Low fat. Low calorie. No carbohydrates. Grain and gluten free. Simply delicious!

Proudly made in PA

Made with real, white-meat American chicken breast in Lancaster County, PA.

What's next?

Chicken is great, but some dogs like pork, or beef, or sweet potatoes.  The possibilities are endless but we guarantee we'll select only the best ingredients for your animals. Check back for updates!