Zignature Dog Food

The Zignature Story

When Pets Global launched Zignature in 2012, they wanted a pet food that could address common food sensitivities and be made with low glycemic binders. Daniel felt motivated to create a high quality dog foods that met the dietary restrictions of his best friend and beloved boxer, Ziggy. Understanding Ziggy was one of the millions of dogs battling various intolerances and allergens, Daniel felt inspired to share the high-quality formulas he fed to Ziggy with other pet parents and their cherished loved ones. 

Globally Sourced

Our ingredients are globally sourced to ensure that your dog is getting only the very best nutrition in his diet. Each ingredient is carefully researched with the benefits that each ingredient brings to the life of your dog. Our Pork, Turkey, Trout, Whitefish and Catfish come from the USA, our Kangaroo and Goat come from the vast and wonderful parts of Australia, our Venison come from the rich farmlands of New Zealand, our Salmon come from the cold waters of North Western United States and last but not least, our Duck and Guinea Fowl come from the picturesque coasts of Western France.


At Zignature, we understand the importance of a nutritious, well-balanced diet for your dogs and how nutrition plays a huge part in your dog’s health and well-being. That’s why we provide your dog with clean formulas that offer a meat first, limited ingredient diet—from when the formula is created in our kitchens in Minnesota and South Dakota to when you purchase your Zignature Formula for your dog at your local retailer.

No Sourcing From China

We go the extra mile to ensure that you have only the best ingredients for your dog and that none of them are from China.