Loving Pet Bella Bowl Dragonfly Turquoise Pet Bowl

$5.99 - $8.99

Is your dog's mealtime a noisy affair at your house? It doesn't have to be. When you purchase our spill-proof turquoise bella bowl, you can eliminate the loud crashes and splashes your dog's current bowl makes. Our Bella Bowl has special features to stop even the hungriest dog from making noisy messes while they eat. 

This bowl includes a rubber base around the bottom that keeps the bowl from moving as your dog eats. Your furry friend can't push the bowl around the room, which means less noise and fewer spills that usually plague mealtime. Dogs will appreciate the ability to hunt around the bowl for every last scrap of food, and you can enjoy cleaner and quicker mealtimes. It's a win-win for dogs and pet parents.


Why should you purchase our Bella Bowl for your pet? Listen to the experts. Our bowl incorporates stainless steel which is recommended by many veterinarians, who recognize the value of using this material for the bowl's interior. Stainless steel is hygienic and resists rust and odors, helping to keep your dog healthy. The bowl also looks stylish with its poly-resin exterior. It is available in a range of unique colors, including this lovely turquoise. 

Bella Bowls demonstrate a high degree of durability. You can trust them to last for the long term, even when you use them every day. You can enjoy easy cleanup with our dishwasher-safe turquoise dog bowl. Just remove the rubber base and pop it in the dishwasher. It's simple to care for your dog when you have the right products, and our Bella Bowls meet the needs of any dog owner.