Loving Pets Bella Bowls Blueberry Pet Bowl

$6.99 - $11.99

Can pet products be both durable and attractive? You bet, and our spill-proof blueberry Bella bowl is proof! The vibrant color of the bowl makes it stand out, and you will appreciate the fun designs on the side. You can feel proud to display the bowl in your home, where people will comment on this cute accessory. 

This bowl also makes mealtime quieter and easier to clean up. Our skid-proof Bella Bowls won't move around while your dog eats. Pets eagerly try to grab every last bit of food, which can mean shoving their bowls around the floor and knocking bits of food out. It can be noisy and messy, but with our Bella Bowl, you no longer have to worry.


The stainless steel blueberry bella bowl is a practical and attractive selection. It includes a rubber base on the bottom of the bowl that holds it in place while your dog chows down. Even the most eager dog will struggle to spill or knock over the bowl. And when mealtime is over, you can pop off the removable base and put it in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

Bella Bowls incorporate hygienic stainless steel, which resists odors and rust, helping to keep your dog healthy. The poly-resin exterior is durable and available in over 20 styles to match any décor!