Loving Pets Bella Bowls Grape Pet Bowl

$6.99 - $11.99

Choose a practical and attractive pet bowl from a reliable brand you can trust to deliver fast, quality products. Our Bella Bowl outshines the other dog bowls, offering outstanding design, excellent durability, and even a stylish exterior. It's perfect for big and small dogs, and our skid-proof grape purple dog bowl has a gorgeous poly-resin exterior you will feel proud to put on display. You can feel confident your pet will love our bowl. 

Why do so many people choose our spill-proof grape purple dog bowl for their pets? It comes with an impressive pedigree. Our award-winning bowls have a hygienic stainless steel interior and an attractive poly-resin exterior. You protect your dog and get a bowl that looks great at the same time. 


We design our bowls to eliminate the noise and mess that often accompanies pet mealtimes. The rubber base around the bottom of the bowl prevents it from spilling or skidding. It eliminates noise, too, since your dog won't be pushing the bowl around the floor while it eats. Mealtime gets a lot easier when you have a Bella Bowl. Other benefits of choosing the product include: 

  • Easy cleanup: You can pop the dishwasher-safe grape purple dog bowl right into your machine after removing the rubber base. 
  • Unique colors: Our Bella Bowls come in a variety of eye-catching hues to complement your interior décor. 
  • High-quality materials: The poly-resign exterior and stainless steel interior stand up to long-term usage.