Loving Pets Bella Bowls Merlot Pet Bowl

$6.99 - $11.99

Your dog should love their feeding bowl. With multiple meals a day, your dog uses the bowl all the time, and a high-quality dish can lead to less mess and easier mealtimes. You want a bowl your dog can eat out of easily, where food won't spill and the bowl won't move as your hungry canine scrapes out every last bit of food. 

Our stainless steel merlot dog bowl is exactly what you want for your dog and your home. The high-quality Bella Bowl comes in many unique colors for the poly-resign exterior, including beautiful merlot. You can have an attractive bowl that protects your floors and makes cleanup a snap. Our skid-proof dog bowl will quickly become a favorite for you and your dog. 


We use a well-designed concept to give you what you need from our dog bowl. It includes a rubber base that prevents your dog from pushing the bowl around. When the bowl stays in one place, it means less of a mess to mop up after every meal. You can pop our dishwasher-safe merlot dog bowl into your machine and have a clean bowl again quickly, without any fuss (just remove the rubber ring). 

Mealtime will be a lot quieter when you buy our bowl. It eliminates the noise that accompanies a snack, including splashes and clatters that can become distracting if you have company or are on the phone. Plus, the hygienic stainless steel in our Bella Bowl promotes health, while also fighting off rust and odors.