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Power Of Three
Power of Three

  I enjoy the show Charmed on TNT and realized, similarly we have the power of three within our store. This applies to Essence, Zignature and Inception. This triad is limited ingredient, allergy friendly and packed full of protein for your feline or canine.
  Inception is the healthier and safer choice than the generic brand, Taste of the Wild. I’m not saying this without facts to back me up, check out the website: Inceptionpetfoods.com. Taste of the Wild post their way about 7 times now with recalls. I wouldn’t want to eat from a rated E restaurant, so why should your pet? Inception’s treats, wet and dry food allows for a versatile protein intake.
  Zingnature is like the middle seat of a rollercoaster, safe, secure and trusting. That’s how I and a lot of already existing customers feel when relying on Zignature stamped L.I.R (Limited Ingredient Recipe) food for the canines of tomorrow. Something to note, Zignature is the first ever Allergy conscious company from 2010. Let’s not forget about our feline friends, Fussie Cat is the way to go, both wet or dry.
  Essence is the top choice to go with compared to the other two. Their old competitor, Orijen, has lost their title as best dry food for your pet. The company not only changed where it’s produced but also bought out multiple times in one year. Essence’s high protein allows the brand to compete for the next best thing to raw. Their formula also include L.I.R(Limited Ingredient Recipe).

  Don’t just take my word for it, research and see for yourself the results from these three brands. Comment below, would love to hear from you. Don’t forget to set up your next cage-free grooming appointment at our two locations:
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  • Jul 03, 2021
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