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Purrrfect for Picky Eaters

Imagine this- To have a personal chef cook for you every night. Now extend that towards your dog or cat. There's a brand called Weruva that can feed your pet's next meal as if your kitchen is a restaurant.

Weruva has a variety of lines for both felines and canines. Their brand is directed towards a high moisture diet. This benefit is not limited to animals who are diabetic, stone or crystal issues, but instead for everyone. My personal choices are: Wok the Dog, which is chicken, beef and pumpkin in gravy, Bed and Breakfast, which is chicken, egg, pumpkin, and a spin off of Dr. Seuss, Green Eggs and Chicken, which is chicken, pumpkin, greens, and egg in gravy in a dark green colored can. All of these delicious dishes have some type of veggie, fiber for stomachs and most importantly, appealing to the eye. 
Weruva’s Feline collection has both can and pouch products. The feline collection has different textures for your cat's preference: shredded, patè, minced and stews.

The most pickiest eater I know is my friend Benny the bulldog. Benny went through multiple brands and stores. Until recently finding the help from staff at Pet Oasis, my picky furry friend now has a variety of assortment of Weruva. Also, let me not forget Patty the American Shorthair Feline, that only likes fish. She was  introduced to Weruva and her appetite along with palate changed for the best. 

In the comment section below, tell me about your feline or canine and how picky they are.

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Enjoy your new night off with Weruva!

  • Mar 31, 2021
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