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The Race for a Raw Diet!

The necessity of a raw diet, especially for your pets: What we need is to understand, is how to meet a complete and balanced diet for canines and felines.The wolf is the ancestor of your dog, as the wildcats are ancestors to your house cat! And as such, they share the same internal anatomy and physiology! Our three friends; Answers, Primal, and Stella&Chewy are well versed in the knowledge and health necessities that our dogs and cats require. 

Canines and felines, like their ancestors, have short digestive tracts, made specifically for processing raw meat. If you look at the anatomy and physiology, you will see that these animals are designed to eat meat. From the short intestines, to the powerful jaw bones, to the teeth designed for cutting and ripping flesh. The burden of digesting carbohydrates (kibble) is placed entirely on the pancreas. This is why a diet, just like a wolf’s or wildcat, needs to be full of quickly digestible nutrients. Like those found in raw meat

Answers is the top of the line brand for a raw diet. “AnswersTM Pet Food is a nutrient-dense line of fermented raw wholefoods specifically formulated by a nutritional scientist to find the most species-appropriate diet for pets of all ages. We use whole cuts of organic and pasture-raised meat, organs and bone, and offer superfoods to give your pets optimal nourishment. We are veterinarian used and recommended.” (Answerspetfood.com). This brand also has a variety of supplements such as, pigs and chicken feet. Most importantly, known for their famous kefir, goat milk and treats!

Primal is next-  We favorite this because of the bone broths and elixirs. These meal enhancers are equivalent to magic potions for your dogs or cats. These additives focus on boosting your pets’ vitality: “Primal Elixirs are aromatic whole food toppers that can be added to any pet food meal to provide real food solutions for your pet’s health and longevity. Each flavor includes specialized, functional ingredients to support healthy digestive tracts, immune systems, and joints”,(Primalpetfood.com). They also produce a line of frozen foods, marrow bones, stocks, goat milks, backs and necks. Their freeze-dried nuggets are popular too!

Stella and Chewy has a ray of compressed frozen patties and nuggets. What makes them a competitor to the other two listed above, is their raw meat, 95% : 5% liquid. “ A raw diet consists of uncooked, unprocessed food. Typically, commercial raw diets, like Stella & Chewy’s, are formulated to mirror a dog’s ancestral diet with 85-95% meat, organs, and bone. These diets are packed with protein and nutrients that support healthy teeth and gums, optimal digestion, vibrant skin and coat, and stamina. Raw diets also contain a high moisture content that helps keep your dog hydrated.” (Stellaandchewy.com/blog/03/21). This brand also produces in categories such as, gently cooked, pour overs and kibbles.

To conclude, Race to your nearest Pet Oasis, or PetOasisny.com to purchase one of these companies raw food. Start on a raw diet to give a better and nutritional meal virus to kibble for your dogs and cats. A wagging tail is what we all love to see. 

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  • Mar 18, 2021
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